Monday, 4 February 2013

Welcome to Dad Pride

Dads, eh? What are we like?

Well, if the current Disneyland ad is to be believed, we cling desperately to lost times with our offspring, bribing our teenage daughters into gracing us with their presence for one last weekend before we slide into lonely senility.

If we live in a McDonalds land, we also throw money at the troubled relationship with our sons. And when they accept our clumsy efforts to build bridges, we THROW IT BACK IN THEIR FACES with a sarcastic dig.

What about Google, the oracle of all truth? Chuck 'Dads rubbish' into the search engine and you get 2,400,000 results. 'Mums rubbish' – 1,210,000 results.

It's official: we are twice as rubbish as Mums.

Except we're not.

This blog is my attempt to galvanise Dads, to find some sense of collective pride. 

Mums are good at this. Mums love to share slushy poems on Facebook about what a great job they're doing. And they are: let me make one thing very clear from the start, I am not anti-Mum and you will not find me dressed in a Batman costume shouting my manifesto from a rooftop. Mums do a great job, and I am married to the best. But this blog is about Dad Pride.

I will be celebrating Dads – real life, historical, from the natural world and more. Anything that might give us a collective pat on the back, and restore some Dad Pride.

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