Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Parents' evening

I have parents' evening for my sons later. I wonder how other Dads out there find them? (Get directions to the school and then follow the signs, ha ha). 

When I go, Dads tend to be pretty thin on the ground, maybe 1 in 3 kids are represented? In the actual meeting I tend to take a back seat, which is pretty unusual for me.

I wonder if it is because I'm actually not that bothered how they're doing academically? Of course I want them to do as well as they can, but my wife and I tend to ask much more about how they're doing socially. Do they get on well with their classmates, do they enjoy school, are they happy? 

Thankfully we know this anyway, so parents' evening largely becomes about getting a warm glow of confirmation and then going for celebratory fish and chips. 

But it's also an opportunity to sit on the tiny chairs outside the classroom and look through their creative writing and drawing. This usually includes some 'interesting' depictions of family life and my role as Dad in particular… I'll have to see tonight if there are any to share, but they usually involve me drinking too much beer.

I would love to hear your views and parents' evening stories!

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