Monday, 11 February 2013

Come on Daddy!

Last week I posted the poem 'Slow down Mummy' by Rebekah Knight, along with my own response, 'Speed up Daddy'. Now Rebekah has very kindly sent me her own response, 'Come on Daddy!' for this blog.

Come on Daddy, don't sit still!
I love you Daddy, I always will. 
Daddy you're home! That's great!
Daddy you're home! The computer can wait.
Let's have a hug at the door.

Put down the remote, and let's fight on the floor.

Let's kick at a ball, or  build a great fort.
You can read me a story, or we can just talk.
Let's go for a ride on our bikes, to the park,
Let's race to the goal post, I'll beat you, I am fast!

Come on Daddy, let's buy an ice cream!
Ask me what I want I be when I'm older, 
Please help me dream!
Come on Daddy, help me get dressed, 

I love the clothes you chose for me, 
All a mis-match! 

Come on daddy, let's jump on the trampoline!
Come on Daddy I want to giggle and scream!
Come on Daddy, a piggy back please?

Oh dear Daddy, I grazed my knees. 
Play with me daddy. Don't sit still!
I love you Daddy. I always will!

Many thanks again to Rebekah for her vision of fatherhood, which is far more warm-hearted than mine, but still doesn't involve a nice sit down.

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