Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Faddy Daddies are fussier eaters than the kids?

I've just received a press release claiming 'men are worse than toddlers when it comes to eating fruit and vegetables', with almost half of mums saying they use 'stealth health tactics' on their other half.

Suzie Robinson from Hertfordshire said: 'My husband will only eat carrots and sweetcorn; I am forever pureeing vegetables and sneaking them into sauces to widen his veg intake. I am concerned the kids will copy their father and end up being as picky as him.' Other tactics used to disguise vegetables include covering with cheese or sour cream, hiding them in soups, blending them into smoothies or simply lying about the contents of meals. 

Guka Tavberidze, founder of SaVse – the drinks producer who conducted the survey – said: 'Take chips out of the diet of many men and the reality is that there is too little vegetable content. Eating vegetables is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet and if men aren’t prepared to tuck in, it’s no surprise that their partners are resorting to stealth techniques.'

The press release continues:
'SaVse, a new and surprisingly delicious vegetable smoothie invented in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is set to revolutionise vegetable consumption in the UK. Recipes blend large quantities of vegetables with fruits to create a sweet taste. No sugar or preservatives are added.
In blind taste tests, 98 percent of respondents were unable to detect the presence of broccoli in SaVse smoothies, despite it being a principal ingredient.  Eighty two percent said that they thought that Savse’s broccoli-based smoothie contained fruit alone.'

Now a few things spring to mind. Firstly, if you want to find out about Dads' vegetable consumption, why not ask Dads? Secondly, 'surprisingly delicious' is never a good start for a new food and drink product. And finally, I like my veg but a broccoli-based smoothie is just wrong.

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