Friday, 2 September 2016

The Space - my children's book, free

One thing I do feel some 'Dad Pride' over is that I think I gave my boys a decent introduction to books, through our regular bedtime stories. Reading the classics inevitably gave me the idea, along with 99% of the population, that I might have a book of my own in me.

That book has sat in a drawer for years (and yes I have bought the Writers and Artists' Yearbook). As I have largely given up hope of having it properly published, I thought I would post it here so you can have it for free (although see back page about donations...)

Download for free from

I would be delighted if you were to download it, read it with your kids (you can print it, or the PDF actually works pretty well on a tablet or smartphone), share it...

And please let me know here, by email on or on Twitter @jonmsutton what you think of it. Some might say the plot makes no sense whatsoever... I prefer to think it leaves space for valuable parent/child discussion...

Free PDF download from
View on desktop, tablet or smartphone

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