Friday, 14 June 2013

Helpful fathers undermine their wives

Over at Psychology Today there's a special collection on 'The Power of Fathers'. This includes an interesting piece on how involved fathers diminish mothers' self-confidence.

Even though they still spent almost three times as much time care giving as their husbands, the mothers' self-competence ratings dropped--essentially "the more time their husbands spent engaged in skillful care giving, the lower the self-competence of mothers sank."

That's certainly not my experience: as ever, I would be interested to hear the views of others.

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  1. It isn't my experience either. My experience is that mums who never let dads care for their kids and often snipe and undermine them whenever they DO try and change a nappy/intervene in a squabble / pick up a crying baby. I appreciate that this starts in babyhood when most mums can make a baby stop crying quicker because they spend more time with said child, but if you don't provide the space and time for dad to learn, he can feel alienated. I found this hard, so I left the house until Dan felt confident. Which had other benefits! I think this issue destroys many marriages and undermines the role of the father and I think both sexes can be responsible, in differing amounts in different relationships.