Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to be a happy working Dad

Blogger Jeremy Adam Smith has written a great post (part one and part two) comprising 10 tips on how to be a happy working dad. The tips are drawn from a combination of scientific studies and personal experience.

It's all great advice, so do head over there and read it, but I thought I would summarise the 10 tips for you here. I have to say I find 7 the hardest, both to do and to deal with.

1. Find yourself a family-friendly workplace – and decide how much money that’s worth to you.

2. Advocate for family-friendly policies.

3. Kill your commute.

4. Get your team in place – and on the same page.

5. Embrace flexible gender roles and the resiliency that comes with it.

6. Focus on quality, not quantity, of time with kids.

7. Make time for your spouse – not just for your kids.

8. Wherever you are, be there – be present.

9. Give yourself a little credit – and say “thanks” to your spouse.

10. Make your choices and own the consequences.

'Wherever you are, be there – be present'
- HT Paul Redford

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